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To keep the theme of a Celtic society we are going to be using a lot of Irish words, but we don't want to overload you with a lot of words you're not familiar with so we're going to try to ease you into it. What we've done here is highlight Irish words in green and if you mouse over them their English counterpart will pop up.Additionally, for some of the harder, more obscure, Irish words we've highlighted the English version in green and the Irish version will pop up. We also have setup a glossary page where we've tried to put the definitions for many of the words that we have used.



Tallon Cathbad

Cath, for those who know him. Cath is the star of our show. He is a young fénnid who is about to get his first fian.

Background: Cath's father died when he was five. His mother, Maeve, is cousin with provincial King Urien and Urien becomes Cath's foster father after his da dies.

Tessa O'Tierney

Tess, for short. Tess is somewhat of a friendly rival of Cath's, she is the niece of provincial King Daegan O'Tierney, who is king of a neighboring clann. Tess is a leader of her own fian for provincial King O'Tierney, who is also her Uncail.

Urien McDholl

Urien is Cath's King and foster father.

Urien is a provincial King.

Siobhan Ni Connal

Siobhan is the communications officer of Cath's fian.

Drystan Tefft

Drystan is another member of Cath's fian. He maintains that his specialty is high-resonance, high-output engineering, but the rest of the band calls what he does 'tinkering'.

Braeden Keese

Prefers to go by Keese. He is a member of Cath's fian, he is also an expert in acquisitions.

Owyn Henley

Owyn is the veteran military man, and a master armsman, who provincial King Urien assigned to Cath's fian as an advisor/mentor.

Maeve Cathbad

Maeve is Cath's mother. She is cousin to provincial King Urien.

Keriana McDholl

Keriana is the wife of provincial King Urien.

Aoife McDholl

Aoife is daughter to provincial King Urien.

Marlie Tefft

Marlie is Drystan's mother. She owns an import/curiosities shop, where her son learned to tinker.

Daegan O'Tierney

Daegan is uncail to Tess. Like Urien, Daegan is a provincial King.

Cleonie McDholl

Cleonie is Urien's first wife who died in childbirth. Urien adored Cleonie and was devastated by her death.

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