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Tartan Hill is a collaboration of a husband and wife team of Keith C. McCabe and Deanna McCabe. Both are lovers of things medieval, with strong Celtic influences, and futuristic. A combination of the two genres was decided upon and Tartan Hill was born. The basic idea for Tartan Hill is a futuristic Celtic feudal society, with a strong Fian presence. The main character, Tallon Cathbad, is a young fénnid whose story is just beginning.

Additionally a number of our friends contribute to the work we have done, we bounce ideas off of them and get their input on numerous subjects. Some of these contributors are Justin Larsen and Kiera Knapp. As we get deeper into this I'm sure we will be adding contributors along the way.

Mythology and Tradition

One of the best things about creating your own story/world is that you can pick and choose what you want to have. We want to stay true to most of the Gaelic myths and traditions but now and then we find something that needs to be updated.

Additionally, as far as verbage goes we will be pulling from Gaelic (both Irish and Scottish), Irish (both old and modern), some Scottish and probably some plain old English as well. You never know how things will go. :)


One of the biggest concerns with developing Tartan Hill was deciding on the level of technology. Space age was a definite want. Faster than light travel was a tricky area, because of the desire to stay away from established modes. This led to the 'dimension' drive. Additionally, for personal weaponry neither gun powder nor energy weapons. This led to the use of gauss weaponry. A gauss rifle is a rifle where the projectile is accelerated by means of a magnetic field.


The main take about magic in Tartan Hill is along the lines of 'a highly advanced technology may be indistinguishable from magic.' That isn't to say that true magic won't show up now and then though.


The programs used for the making of Tartan Hill are primarily 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and DAZ Studio Pro 4.6.

What else?

Check back for more information, it could show up at any time.

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