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 a member of a fian  Purity of our hearts  a provincial king  Strength of our limbs  Action to match our speech This is the first There is no previous Page 2

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Panel 1: Tartan Hill Logo

Panel 2, scene: Closeup of our hero. narrative: I am fénnid (a member of a fian)...   and no land has me.

Panel 3, scene: Ship cockpit, pilot and Ríg fénnid Seamus. narrative: Pilot: "Approaching coordinates, Sir." Seamus: "Copy that."

Panel 4, scene: Ship interior, Ríg fénnid Seamus and fénnid Ryan. narrative: Seamus: "Alright people, saddle up! ETA eight minutes." Narrator: "Glaine ár gcroí (Purity of our hearts)"

Panel 5, scene: Ship interior, Ríg fénnid Seamus and fénnids Lauryn, Ryan and Tallon. narrative: Seamus: "Now remember rí ruidech (provincial king) Urien wants Gilfoyle alive. So use only stun rounds on him. Understood?" Narrator: "Neart ár ngéag (Strength of our limbs)"

Panel 5, scene: Ríg fénnid Seamus and fénnids Lauryn, Ryan and Tallon exiting ship. narrative: Seamus: "Okay, stay brill! Let’s do this and go home." Narrator: "Beart de réir ár mbriathar (Action to match our speech)"

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